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Rhino Conservation Project
Hluhluwe - KwaZulu Natal - South Africa

Dear Fellow Conservationist

My name is Trevor Shaw. I am the owner and founder of the Zulu Nyala Group and a member of the Prestigious Explorers Club in New York. I have also had the privilege of being a member of The Diamond Club of South Africa for the past 45 years and have also been active in the jewellery business for past 49 years on a wholesale level.

Over the past 33 years I have owned 3 major game reserves in South Africa and have been actively and personally involved in Rhino Conservation and I share a great love and passion toward these beautiful animals, from this heartfelt concern the Zulu Nyala Rhino Conservation Project was born.

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Click any of the PDF icons below for detailed information on the Rhino Crisis in
Southern Africa and how you can help save the Rhino.

Zulu Nyala Rhino Crisis
Rhino Crisis In
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Help save the Rhino
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Help save the Rhino
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This project is our way of leaving a concrete foot print in the conservation and sustainability of these spectacular beings.

As you may be aware the Rhino population in Africa is facing a serious threat and Rhinos are well on their way to becoming an endangered species. Three to four Rhino are being poached per day in Africa and very soon this timid and passive creature will be extinct if nothing is done to aid in the protection and stabilization of the Rhino population.

It has become a growing frustration among many to see the desperate plight of the Rhino as a result of being poached for their horns and one can't help but feel helpless. One often asks oneself “What can I do to help in the protection and conservation of this animal?”

On reflection of this dilemma we at Zulu Nyala have setup this Rhino Conservation Project Fund. The intention of the project is to acquire Rhino breeding stock, utilising monies/funds donated to the project so that we are able to increase and stabilize the population of these beautiful animals in a secure and nurturing environment whilst under our care on Zulu Nyala Private Game Reserve.

Two of our Lodges (Zulu Nyala Safari Game Lodge and Zulu Nyala Heritage Safari Lodge) are situated near Hluhluwe which is found in the province called Kwa-Zulu Natal, on the North Eastern side of South Africa in close proximity to the Indian Ocean.

The purpose of this letter is to extend a heartfelt appeal to all like-minded nature lovers like yourselves to make a contribution (any amount would be greatly appreciate) into this fund with the purpose of making this project a success.

Should you kindly choose to contribute to this project we at Zulu Nyala assure you that Not one cent from this fund will be used for any administrative purpose or otherwise. 100% of your contribution will be used to purchase Rhino Breeding stock. We already boast a beautiful herd of Rhinos on the Zulu Nyala Private Game Reserve and our short term goal is to add three more breeding cows.

Zulu Nyala will take full responsibility for the upkeep, maintenance, veterinary cost and security of these Rhinos once they have been released on Zulu Nyala Private Game reserve. Lloyds of London and SATIB insurance company of South Africa will ensure 100% replacement of each Rhino purchased by Zulu Nyala should in the unfortunate event that any misfortune should befall one of them.

Each Rhino will be notched and micro chipped so we are able to identify and track each Rhino individually. We are presently able to provide 24 hour surveillance and security for our Rhino population with the help of our onsite anti-poaching patrol unit.

While you are in no way obligated to contribute toward this fund, even your word of mouth will have a tremendous impact in helping us collaborate our efforts in making a BIG difference in the heart wrenching predicament of these Rhino. On his recent visit to Zulu Nyala, Jack Hanna of The Ohio Columbus Zoo wholeheartedly expressed his support for this project and the enormous positive impact it will have.

However should you wish to contribute to this worthy mission a bank account has been setup under the fund’s name (Zulu Nyala Rhino Conservation Fund) see details below along with alternate means by which you are able to contribute.

Bank account details for bank transfers
Account name: ZN Rhino Conservation
Bank: RMB Private Bank
Branch: Johannesburg
Branch Code: 261251
Account Number: 74594059815

Personal Cheque (USA friends)
Cheque should be made out to “Zulu Nyala Rhino Conservation Fund”
Please post the cheque to Jean Huisman:
Address: 4676 Cottonwood, Dr. Holland. MI 49423.
Contact number: 616 396 1525

Personal Cheque (SA friends)
Cheque should be made out to “Zulu Nyala Rhino Conservation Fund”
Please post the cheque to Chaya Govindasamy
Address: P.O. Box 247, Hluhluwe, South Africa, 3960
Contact number: + 27 35 562 0177(ask for Chaya)

Payment made via Credit Card
Kindly complete the credit card form with all the details requested, along with a copy of:

  • The front and back of your Identity Document (ID) or your driver’s licence.

  • The Front and Back of your credit card

Please click the PDF icon below to download a copy of the authorization form. Complete & sign the form to authentic your details are correct and kindly email it to: rhino@zulunyalagroup.com.

Groups and Companies
Should a group of individuals or a company wish to make an outright purchase of a Rhino in contribution to this project they would earn the privilege of naming the Rhino. This project could also be used as a platform to exemplify their corporate image by showing an interest in nature conservation and serve as a marketing tool toward your companies’ social responsibility.

On processing of your payment we will send you a receipt which should be tax deductible.

You will also receive an awards certificate of appreciation.

Categories of our Awards Certificate of appreciation

  • Diamond – US$10 000 and above

  • Platinum – US$5000 to US$10 000

  • Gold – US$2000 to US$5000

  • Silver – US$2000 and below

Certificates of Appreciation

Kindly note any contribution no matter how large or small is sincerely valued as this is an amazing cause and will make an invaluable difference.

On behalf of myself and the entire dedicated team of Zulu Nyala I would like to extent and heartfelt THANK YOU to you in advance for taking the time to read this letter of request and hope that together we will work hand in hand to ensure our children and grandchild will one day still be able to see these beautiful Rhino’s roam free, protected and once again on the increase.

Our contact details are below please send us an email should you require more information regarding this project

Yours in Conservation

Trevor Shaw

Trevor Shaw and Team

Contact person: Trevor Shaw
Email address: rhino@zulunyalagroup.com

Kindly note if you are calling South Africa we are 6 to 7 hours ahead of the East coast of United States of America

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